At HRG, we are all about family! However, this fact does not make young children and a pleasant dining experience peacefully coexist. As we do not offer high chairs or booster seats, in the event your little one attends a meal with you, we recommend bringing your own child seating. A good rule to utilize regarding children accompanying you to an HRG restaurant is if it is a taxing experience for you, it more than likely is a taxing experience for customers seated nearby.


Comfort reigns at HRG! We have never met an customer outfit that we do not like. However, we draw a firm line at flip flops on men, sleeveless shirts, backwards caps and ‘fresh from the gym’ athletic gear. If it is too revealing, we have other guests to consider and reserve the right to request either a change or a departure.

Large Groups

Six to a table is the maximum seating allowed at HRG. However, if you have a larger group, advanced reservation notice and specifics thereto makes it infinitely easier to accommodate and we are more than happy to attempt to do so.


If you are a known sufferer of any food allergy, alert your wait staff or host person prior to ordering. A full list of ingredients may be provided and, in many cases, a substitute utilized. However, what we do not know can and will hurt anyone with a food allergy. Please speak up and we will make every attempt to satisfy this concern.

Special Requests

Should you require or prefer a ‘special request’ that is separate and apart from our menu offering and, although we can never guarantee our ability to make it happen, be assured that there will be every effort made to do so. Again, advanced notice to a host person or staff member will increase the chances for your special request to occur.