505 South Boulevard
Edmond, OK 73034

Boulevard Steakhouse has earned a reputation of cuisine excellence. That, in and of itself, is impressive when you will always be judged by what was served the previous evening. Our menu is driven by Chef selected ingredients and the preparation thereto. As our culinary scorecard is reset each and everyday by our patrons, laurel resting cannot be practiced here. To be considered the finest upscale dining experience in our part of the world, you must offer the finest chef creations and service in our part of the world; and we do just that.

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5825 NW Grand Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73118



5825 NW Grand Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73118

501 Cafes are born from a simple philosophy; be unlike any other eatery. This is the place where West Coast casual and New York sophisticated peacefully coexist. Entrees are developed. They are never time-lined or 'rolled out'. We create daily with quality and freshness and understand culinary artistry. Discover for yourself the reason 501s are referred to as the 'Couture Cafes'.


501 Cafes- where people of good taste find just that!

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505 South Boulevard
Edmond, OK 73034

The Martini Lounge is, in a word, Uncompromising. It is here that you will find your social renewal. Our cocktail and wine selection is based upon expertise rather than hearsay. The latest trend in beverage is studied and given careful consideration. Yet, the proven libations are why The Martini Lounge is all that our name implies. We are in the physical relaxation and soul restoration business. And we pour it by the glass.

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505 South Boulevard
Edmond, OK 73034

The Martini Lounge is, in a word, Uncompromising. It is here that you will find your social renewal. Our cocktail and wine selection is based upon expertise rather than hearsay. The latest trend in beverage is studied and given careful consideration. Yet, the proven libations are why The Martini Lounge is all that our name implies. We are in the physical relaxation and soul restoration business. And we pour it by the glass.

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At HRG, we are all about family! However, this fact does not make young children and a pleasant dining experience peacefully coexist. As we do not offer high chairs or booster seats, in the event your little one attends a meal with you, we recommend bringing your own child seating. A good rule to utilize regarding children accompanying you to an HRG restaurant is if it is a taxing experience for you, it more than likely is a taxing experience for customers seated nearby.


Comfort reigns at HRG! We have never met an customer outfit that we do not like. However, we draw a firm line at flip flops on men, sleeveless shirts, backwards caps and ‘fresh from the gym’ athletic gear. If it is too revealing, we have other guests to consider and reserve the right to request either a change or a departure.

Large Groups

Six to a table is the maximum seating allowed at HRG. However, if you have a larger group, advanced reservation notice and specifics thereto makes it infinitely easier to accommodate and we are more than happy to attempt to do so.


If you are a known sufferer of any food allergy, alert your wait staff or host person prior to ordering. A full list of ingredients may be provided and, in many cases, a substitute utilized. However, what we do not know can and will hurt anyone with a food allergy. Please speak up and we will make every attempt to satisfy this concern.

Special Requests

Should you require or prefer a ‘special request’ that is separate and apart from our menu offering and, although we can never guarantee our ability to make it happen, be assured that there will be every effort made to do so. Again, advanced notice to a host person or staff member will increase the chances for your special request to occur.

Make every occasion special.

HRG has 5 locations from Edmond to Downtown OKC and each offers a unique event opportunity and feel. When you need a special event to be truly ‘special’, our family of fine dining is the answer. Regardless of the event theme, size or need, from formal to casual and everything in between, an event booked through one of our HRG restaurants will be ‘special’ and then some. Contact us at any location today and ask to speak with one of our personal event planners. If your preference initially is email communication, simply go to the ‘contact us’ segment on our home page. We have personnel standing by to answer any and all questions in an effort to facilitate your requests. Above all else, you have the HRG assurance that your event will be hailed as ‘the’ event and one that will truly earn the

Give the gift of ‘great taste’ year round and remove the hassle of uncertainty. An HRG Gift Card is the perfect, worry free answer to gifts for anyone, anyplace and anytime.

Our Gift Cards may be redeemed at any of our fine dining restaurants:

  • – 501 Classen
  • – 501 Edmond
  • – Boulevard Steakhouse
  • – Martini Lounge

Let an HRG Gift Card be your answer to ‘what to get’ that special individual, business prospect or customer for any occasion all year long.

Cheers and enjoy from everyone at HRG!

HRG – ‘The Training Gold Standard’

The restaurant business is the ultimate people business. It is as much about understanding the reason a customer has selected a spot to dine as it is about creating and serving a magnificent product. The fact is, these two go hand in hand. For this reason, we take our training programs very seriously. We will never thrust a ‘neophyte’ on to a patron until they have gone through extensive development and have a succinct understanding of the task at hand.

There are no easy jobs in a well run restaurant nor unimportant ones. Like a machine, an efficient restaurant operation is only as good as the sum of its parts. And at HRG, every employee buys into this philosophy.

Whether a ‘back of the house’ Chef, responsible for culinary creativity or a ‘front of the house’ greeter who is at the very tip of the customer ‘experience spear’, all jobs matter and all require developmental training.

Management trainees will be operationally engaged in every aspect of this day to day business. Everything from technical system analysis to purchasing strategies to HR to sales– an HRG trained individual receives a robust education in running a restaurant in today’s highly competitive environment.

In addition, we pride ourselves in teaching literal ‘hands on’ situational theory. It is here where role play is utilized to teach ‘non linear’ and extraordinary tactics in a ‘what should you do’ classroom setting. This real world training is as important as anything we teach. This provides our personnel with genuine tools they can use again and again in a non-text book application. Lastly, HRG training does not stop. Our ‘continuing ed’ belief keeps our team members up to date and in ‘millennial restaurant shape’.

Apply Now For The Following:
  • – Wait Staff & Servers
  • – Bartenders
  • – Greeters
  • – Prep
  • – Line Chefs
  • – Executive Chefs
  • – Culinary Manager
  • – GM
Culinary Degrees are not a pre-requirement of employment.

Apply in person between the hours of 1:30pm  and 4:oopm Monday thru Friday.
Or. contact one of our family of restaurants at The HRG via email or web.

Being one of 7 children there was a large focus on family meals together.    As my grandmother was the dietician at William and Mary in the 1930’s, she laid a strong foundation for my mother’s appreciation for feeding the soul.  Growing up we were all responsible for helping with family meals which occurred every evening.  Our family travels reached from Africa to Europe and South America. My father worked for the United Nations which many times required our parents to live outside the country.  My oldest sister was a flight attendant for Pan Am allowing us to travel extensively with her.  The weeks spent traveling throughout Europe gave me an intense love of good food, good wine and great family time.  These are the things I hope to share with friends at 501.  After graduating from William Woods College, with degrees in Equestrian Studies and Accounting, I ventured into another love, horses.  Having grown up competing in equestrian events I thought it would become my future. However, marriage and children were all-consuming and left little time for the horses.   After having our third child I thought I would enjoy being a stay at home mom……I was lost.  I decided that I would attempt a little lunch spot in Edmond.  Artisan breads were just making their way from Europe to the west coast and I learned that American chefs were traveling to France to learn their techniques. I had a great appreciation for the old methods of bread making, allowing for long fermentation times to develop flavors naturally.   A chef I was not, but I knew I could “wing” it.  With the help of my husband, Peter, I was able to attend the prestigious Ecole Lenotre outside of Paris for a formal education in Artisan breads.  I believe the attitude of the instructors was that no woman would undertake a career in what the French assumed was a man’s world.  Being the only woman in my classes, I quickly learned I would have to work harder than the rest.  This only prepared me for what was to become 18 hour work days in addition to being a mom of 4 children.   The location couldn’t have been better, 3 blocks from home and a donut shop going out of business that couldn’t move their 80 quart mixer because it was too heavy!  That was 21 years ago…..we have been blessed with the best children anyone could ever ask for and I am even able to share my love of horses with our daughter.  My travels are devoted to exploring new food and wine experiences to share with our 501 family.

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6613 N Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73116


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